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July 27, 2010


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adam campbell

that is awesome i got a v6 1949 cevy delux that need help lol

Ryun Ellis

Stacey, whatever you build is going to be awesome because you think outside the box when you do any project. I can't wait to see this cat in action when it's done. You just better make sure you got spare gas cans in her. P.S. Are we going to see the Banshee payoff this season or next? Either way it will be worth the wait.

Chevy big block pulleys

Can't wait to see the finished product! When do you expect to have it completed so that you can share photos with us?

ConceptOne Pulleys

Tim Roper

It will be fun to watch at Maxton going 200MPH for sure.

Nick Thomas

Stacey,Rock on with your Badself,they definetly pick a Guy who's knows what he is Talkin about,now that's what I'm Talkin about!. Thanks for the Entertainment,NT

rob ade

Stacey, This show is perfect timing since I am in the process of taking a standard 1970 cougar with a 351C in it and restoring/upgrading it to a Eliminator/Boss tribute car for my 15 year old daughter. I bought this car in Central Florida where I live for 800 bucks and it runs! I was hoping that you might have a DVD of the Interceptor show that shows the complete tear down and rebuild of your Cougar?
Since I work for an ITW company it is good to see that you use Miller equipment on your show.

Dick Ruddell

A '67 Cougar was the first my first car, bought new after returning from a stint with the Marine Corps in Vietnam in 1966. I had to replace the 65 Falcon convertible, six cylinder, automatic which was purchased by my wife while it was overseas (damn car wouldnt hit 65 mph if you drove it off a cliff.)
My dad was a Ford exec in Dearborn and when I told him I wanted a new Mustang, mentioned this new coupe from Mercury that was coming out in the fall. He took me to the test track in Dearborn and the new Cougar blew me away.
I returned to base at Camp Lejeune, N.C. and quickly made my way to the local Ford/Merc dealer in Jacksonville. When I ordered the XR7 (luxury) package and the GT (390 HiPo) package and casually mentioned that I got "A-Plan" pricing, they had to look it up as the never had employee pricing issues before. All they knew was that I was getting a new Cougar cheaper than they did and I was registering it in Dearborn, MI. (I think they figured I was sleeping with Henry's daughter and boy did I get great service)
Anyway, to make a long story short, I had the car shipped to Naples Italy where I was stationed for the next three years and then sold it to a fellow Marine. I often wonder if that great running car ever made it back to the States. I sure had fun on the Autostrada with no speed limits and the exhaust cutouts I installed were rarely capped. By the way, that loaded Cougar cost me a total of $3298.00
Just a little history to let you know that I will be watching these episodes with greater than usual interest.
You gave a great show, keep it up.
Dick Ruddell
Seminole Florida
727 482-1006


This sure is well worth waiting for.
I think doing a couger is an awesome project..............as much as I love the stang.
Keep up the great show.

Winston Smith

Always loved the 1st Gen Cougars. My college roommate had a blue '67 that we were always working on and a year later I picked up a nice '71 2nd Gen with the 351C. Always regretted selling that car, but figured I'd find a 1st Gen to replace it. Hasn't happened yet, but will be looking forward to your buildup!

Angie B.

Thank You Thank You Thank You Stacey!!!

I have loved the 67-68 Cougars since my teen years (okay, so I am 34 and not someone who remembers them new) and have wanted one ever since! I loved the hideaway headlights and the fact that they looked like the Mustang, just a bit, and were totally different than the Camaro & Mustangs that everyone else I knew wanted.

I have watched your shows since the "TNN" days and I am so looking forward to seeing this!!

Jersey Danny

Bought a '68 XR7 with a Boss 302/Toploader from the factory (all #'s matched) in 1974 when I mustered out, and didn't know HOW rare this kitty was at the time! New Jersey rust ate it up by '83 and I sold the drivetrain & scrapped the body. That Boss 302 would rev to 7 grand in a heartbeat. Your Kaase 429 will be a MONSTER.
Thanks for doing this, Stacey!!

rick patrick

Stacey I Love Your Show And Love Cougars. Iam Trading A 1955 Ford Pickup For A 1969 Cougar. I Had 2 1968 And 1 1969 In 1977 Sold Them. Now I Wish I Had Them Back. Your Show Too Day When I Seen That 429 Going In That Was Awesome.I Had A 1968 Mustang With A 390 Drag Pack So Iam Going With A 390 In My Cougar.Thank For Doing This Your Show Is Grate .


My fist car was a '67 Cougar, and except for the color, mine being Highland Green (read: Bullitt Green), it was pretty identical to yours, Stacey. The interior is identical.

Given that I've always lusted after a Boss 429, I'm loving this project. Looking forward to the result!

Wade Crenshaw

Project V8 Interceptor is a great build and a nice change from the usual Mustangs and Camaros. I have always been a fan of Cougars and have owned a 70 Eliminator and a 68 big block Dan Gurney Special. These are great cars !

Leslie P. Porter

Hi Stacey I'm a first time writer, seen quite a few of your shows. Now I'm thinking that you should install a 5.4 out of a 2002 or 3 ford truck, now don't get me wrong, I think the 429 is a good motor but the new modular is lighter tighter and better fit for the power to weigh ratio of a cat. Put the PCI heads on it and see what you can do with about 540 hp and just as high fpt. My numbers aren't exact but close enough to think about plus you can use either 5 speed 6 speed or automatic. I've been a cougar lover since they came out and ( dang why can't I think of her name ) with her and the cat in the car I've had a '68,71,72,75,95with a 4.6 I might add and it's no slouch.Good choice and thanks for picking a Cougar. P.S. my e-mail address says it all Cougar Crazy 71-95. I can get part's in PA cheep, send me a message if you could use my help. Just for cost I don't want anything from you.

Teresa Nichoson

Hi Stacey,
I am currently restoring a '68 XR7. Am having trouble replacing or restoring the armrests which are unique to the XR7. There are no other rear armrests (Torino, Mustang etc.) & the front armrests have a different grain than the Mustang Cobra. My armrests are considered "Class B" no holes, tears or burns, but the foam has expanded; pushing the plate out so that they stand out from the panel 1/2" to 1-1/2". I have not found any new dark blue ones--any fix for the existing ones?
Exterior will be Iceberg Blue Metallic w/ a white vinyl top. The interior will be a custom parchment & dark blue, both colors were available options, but not together. Similar to the ’05 – ’08 Mustang GT/CS.
Engine is a '93 -- 5.0 w/ swirl heads--a previous owner installed the head gaskets backwards on the original 302, which blocked off the front & rear venturi. We did not know how long the engine was overheating, only that the water pump & t-stat had been changed to no avail.
I have been getting some replacement parts form Ken's Cougar in OK, & John's Cougar in MI--both are closer to OH than West Coast in OR. I also found some parts at the All Ford meet in Carlisle, PA this past spring. (By the way--although a Mustang console fits, it is not the same.
Oh yeah--my Dad got me hooked on Fords, which made life easy on my Ford fanatic husband. His ride is a ’57 Custom 300 w/ a 460 from a ’69 Lincoln, low 12’s in the ¼ mile. Our next project will an original ’31 Cabriolet my Dad bought in ‘61 (yes it has roll-up windows—no it is not for sale).


I'm sick of all the AD time on your show. It's not about the cars/trucks anymore it's about the sponcers.

Roy Holman

Congratulations Stacey,
My first car was a 68 Cougar GTE, which had a slightly detuned 427 (390 hp, single carb). I ordered it from the factory. The only options were a vinyl roof (mistake) and an AM radio. It only came with a C6 automatic (absolute bummer). The engine was great, but in many ways the car was never what it should have been in the first place. It handled poorly and the brakes were weak. However the style and concept of the car has always been admired by the industry.
I have dreamed forever about customizing a Cougar the way it should be done. All I can say about project "interceptor" is AMEN. You have even gone beyond my dreams. When you showed the BOSS 429 clone motor going in with the 6 speed manual, you could have peeled my off the ceiling. I was shouting Hallelujah at the top of my lungs!
Congratulations on truly getting this thing absolutely right. I am reliving, through your show, what I have been thinking about doing for 42 years. I had to sell that GTE in 71 while going to college. I have always regretted that, but I could not afford to keep it. That car in original condition today would be worth $100K. But it's the sentimental loss that kills me. The car was a gift from my parents. This even makes me feel ashamed over selling it.
I did get my college degree, but the cost was more than I ever could have calculated by losing that dream ride.
I can't wait to see how you finish it out and if you ever need a test driver for it, I'm available! HA!


Robert Terry


I am originally from Ireland but have always loved classic cars. I recently bought my first classic a '68 Cougar XR7. I, like a previous entry would love to be able to see all footage of the rip out and restoration project. I would be more than happy to pay for a DVD if it is available. Love your shows by the way. Rob

Jim Stratford

Stacey, I've been waiting for years for someone with your talent and imagination to tackle a cougar. My 67 has been a work in progress for 12 years and I can't wait to see the body and interior mods you have in mind. May I suggest shaving the door handles for a sleeker, more "cougar-like" appearance? By the way, I named my car Freddy as in Freddy Cougar and Freddy Mercury. Keep on rockin'. -Jim from Long Island

A CougarGuy

Jersey Danny, the Boss 302 was only available in 1969 and 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminators and certainly not in any 1968 Ford / Mercury cars. Nice tall tale, though!

Mark Davis

Its about time someone does a Boss 429 project in anything!!! Just ordered mine from Jon Kaase, 598CI, around 900 HP going into a 67 mustang. Should be a snap with you doing the cougar. Keep up the good work Stacy! Thanks, Mark Davis, Beverly WV


Great build! Light car , big motor can't go wrong. This will be awsome when you finish it. Please no rubber band tires.

cranston harris

Hey Stacy glad to see you finally working on a Cougar. Hera is my problem I have A 1969 Cougar XR7. I have had it for about 15 years. I have wanted to fix this car ever since I bought it but my problem is all I can do in the garage where it si stored is look at it.no room to work at this time but I am working on that maby over the winter . I have found a garage for sale and the price is wright, lets keep up hope. My cougar has a 1970 boss 302 engine and was converted to a four speed trans. quite a car and I also have a 351 cleveland engine in a basket that we want to rebuild and put in. I will send some pictures soon to show progress and thanks for givig me some ideas , love the show


Hey Stacy,
I am pleased that you are doing a Cougar; I have a 1968 Cougar. I really doubt that I will be able to do any of the Mod's that you have done because I am disabled now. I have always watched your show; and was sad when you were not around for a while.
About how much would just the front end modification cost? I had a 1968 Cougar back in the day, and always wanted another. I finally found one in Colorado; flew out there and drove it home.
I will be watching; Thanks,
Ron Hawkins
Sharpsville, Pa.

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